new logo poster serrvices 2-Krishnamurthy M

When was the last time you bought a higher end item without reading their reviews? Spending thousands of rupees of hard-earned money on a mobile phone that is not worth it or buying a latest television set that reaches nowhere near its promises to deliver high quality vision, is not something that we would want especially when it is crucial to us.  It is surely disappointing to notice a newly bought product not delivering its purpose. Leave the money things aside, the amount of time we put in to buy the product, our gearing expectations and the efforts we put in to get the product is something that cannot be described in normal words.

It is the therefore natural to know more about any product or service, before choosing it. Think about a loan scenario or an investment situation, where you are asked to read plenty of documents that have tiny writing on them. Now look at the pamphlets and brochures that are dropped on your doorstep everyday along with newspapers or alone. Are you able to recall the huge banners on the highways or a complete first page advertisement of an online shopping site? Yes, these are the few things that you come across in everyday life that everyone can relate to. Whether a person likes it or not, it is their primary responsibility to go through plenty of writing in their life, so that they don’t commit any mistakes of doubt. This is the place where content comes in. A product review, loan agreement or investment terms, advertisement brochures and banners, even the simple product description that falls on the back cover an item is content. Simply put, content is the assuring written form of communication. Anything written down is content. The goal of content is to deliver guaranteed information and steer through misconceptions to deliver truth and assurance. A 1000 words article or 3 words punch line, is also content. Having gone through a few examples, now look at the world around you, where “The Content is King”.

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