“Left in stock – 2 pcs” Hurry !!

You are familiar with posts on social media that has “Left in Stock” added after product’s name or description. While it is useful to know the number of items left under each category, some sellers use it is as a cheap marketing trick to make customers buy.

Here’s why,

When sellers put products on sale, the minimum quantity of items they have for sale will be in hundreds or at the least above 10-20 in case of high priced luxury products. (This reduces production/Purchase cost i.e., more items mean less individual item cost). If the item is able to sell itself so that only less than 10 items are left, then there is no need to advertise it for customers to buy. There is literally no use since the product will sell on its own before the ad even reaches a decent number of people. However, it is also noted that if the product is not selling and is stagnated, then, these kinds of posts on social media will bring in more buyers.

Tip: Watch the reviews, comments and rating over a period of 2-3 days for any product, if it is fast selling good quality product, you will notice it. However, this does not apply to products on sale. If your favorite product is on sale, then hurry !! 😉


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